APSCo Outlines the Top Trends in Global Recruitment

Speaking at the recent NPA Conference in Bali, Chief Executive of APSCo Ann Swain urged delegates to adapt and capitalise on the five key trends affecting the global recruitment market.

Delegates from the NPA – a global network of independent recruiters – enjoyed an insightful presentation covering the challenges facing recruitment firms in what is an ever evolving global landscape.

As well as globalisation, the other key trends include political and economic instability, the growth of the RPO and MSP model, continued technological evolution and of course, demographic change. As if that’s not enough our profession also has to contend with complex legislation, an increasingly sophisticated customer base and of course –the growth of in house recruitment,” said Swain.

43% of organisations have some form of centralised recruitment function – and in fact between 80 and 95% of roles at Cap-gemini are sourced by staff referral schemes.That’s food for thought and so recruitment firms need to be proving how they are adding value by being innovative around resourcing and making sure that their teams really understand – and can sell – the benefits of external supply.

Concluding her presentation, Swain made the point that while during the recession we focussed on efficiency, post-recession, we need to focus on effectiveness and differentiation. “The global market is evolving rapidly – if change on the outside is faster than change on the inside – we are in trouble.

Ref: http://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/apsco-outlines-the-top-trends-in-global-recruitment/