FR Nurses

At FR, our guiding principle is finding the right person for our clients needs. FR Nurses is no different, we source trained nurses from abroad and supply them to care homes in the UK.

Why choose us –

We understand the challenges faced by the healthcare sector; 10% of full-time nursing roles remain unfilled in this country and last year saw a 25% increase in nurses leaving the profession. Private care homes are hit doubly hard as the overwhelming majority of graduate nurses are funneled into NHS positions.

This is where we come in. Our team of experienced recruiters and resourcers possess a thorough understanding of international nursing recruitment. Our international contacts in East Asia allow us to source strong applicants, and trained professionals determined to learn and develop.

Based in the North-West, our local knowledge helps us to deliver exceptional pastoral support ensuring the process proceeds smoothly. 


Here at FR, we believe that delivering a quality service is the best way to gain a reputation for professionalism. There are myriad pitfalls and traps involved in international recruitment and avoiding them is a matter of experience, diligence and scrupulous attention to detail. Our recruitment administrators are equal to the task and will help guide you through the process.


In healthcare, cutting corners is simply not an option. Our foremost priority is always to ensure the safety of our applicants and clients. As such we will only consider trained nurses, verified and registered by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We guarantee that the nurses we source will observe the highest standards of professionalism and provide the best quality of care.


To deliver a service with unimpeachable professionalism, and to do so in a way that guarantees safety, requires absolute transparency. We are upfront about the cost and timescale of the service we offer; and our recruiters will keep you informed throughout the process where there are issues and/or delays. We believe this open approach is essential to reassuring clients that we provide a safe and professional service.