3 Benefits of Continuous Recruitment

If your company doesn’t have any open positions, what’s the point of recruiting?

It’s a question worth considering, and most companies seem to agree with the sentiment: there is no point in recruiting when there aren’t any open positions. In fact, a recent study by CareerBuilder found only 38 percent of employers continuously recruit throughout the year for positions that may open up down the line.

However, having and leaving open vacancies can have a big impact on a company, costing time and money and impacting current employees in a negative way. To avoid this, your company should always be recruiting. Although it may seem like overkill, a company that continuously recruits builds what is called a ‘talent pipeline,’ or a community of qualified, interested candidates with the skills and experience to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Ref: http://recruitmentbuzz.co.uk/3-benefits-of-continuous-recruitment/