Unique Selling Points In Recruitment

How many recruitment business do you think claim to be unique? I did some research for a client of uniqueness in recruitment as he was seeking to create difference between his business and other recruitment businesses out there. It was an interesting exercise. There was a multitude of agencies who all claimed to be different. Many of them set their stall out to the world describing what made them different. The most common USP (unique selling point) began “We’re different because…”

What is your USP? | Recruitment Dad

This is a good start. This is what clients and candidates alike want to know – what makes you different? Why should I use you and not your competitor? What followed was less impressive. So many talked about “how they cared” or “How they work hard to understand their customer better than anyone else”. Is that different? Honestly? How can that create difference? Each website may as well have started “We are similar to other recruiters because….” This in turn led to me deciding that the collective noun for recruiter is a flock. As in sheep or birds. A blur of similar looking things, behaving in a similar manner to create safety in numbers.

Unique means one of a kind. How many one of a kind recruitment businesses are out there?

Not many I would motion. How many want to be unique? If the answer truly was “all of them” then what stops them?

Fear of failure?

Not knowing how to be different?

Lack of recognition of the fact they are being the same?

What makes you different as a Recruiter? | Recruitment DadPerhaps they just take comfort in similarity. All it would take, however, is one of your competitors to change and suddenly its catch up time. Catching up though is the race to achieve sameness. Dare to be different and you can achieve difference, uniqueness and a market leading position.

I am pleased to say that my client changed. They dared and succeeded at being different. The net effect was measurable at the sharp end too – bottom line increase in profits of 20% (in six months) plus continuing growth of new account acquisition, client retention and a reduction of their own staff attrition by over half.

To be different requires, at a very base level being different. The change can be a challenge though the rewards to other side can be very high. Ask yourself how different you think your recruitment business is. What makes you and your business a recruiter of choice?


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